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New Product: Data Dynamics Reports Public Beta

I'm a Book Contributor Now!

Kudos for ActiveReports

SlashDocs C# XML Comment Tool Update (v1.0.2)

ControlState for ASP.NET 1 (sort of)

LDAP Administration Tool (LAT) Built with Mono + GTK#

SlashDocs: Manage C# XML Documentation in External Files

New Version of MSI File Extraction & Viewer Utility

Axosoft Switches to ActiveReports for .NET as "a far superior alternative to Crystal"

ActiveReports for .NET Tastes mmm..mmm.. Good

PDC '05: Mono Meeting

PDC '05: Clustering & Concurrency #1 & #2

PDC '05: Mono Users Meeting Near PDC

PDC '05: Give Code Samples before Session

PDC '05: (Pre-Con) C++ Patterns & Practices

PDC 2005 I'm Here!

How to Remove the Visual Studio "Work Items" Toolbar from Excel

Making XmlValidatingReader Assume a Default DTD

Less MSIĆ©rables Update

Less MSIérables: A tool to Extract the contents of an .msi File

PingPoet Blogs Now Have CAPTCHA Comment Spam Blocking!

How To Digitally Sign .NET Assemblies

dojo: JavaScript UI & IO Toolkit

f(m): ECMASCript BCL

SQL Server: Use (local) not localhost

Balanced Matching in .NET Regular Expressions

Digitally Signing .NET Assemblies

Run ASMX Without IIS

Make the .Text Calendar Control Go Global

Vote for the Best .NET Tools of 2004

XrossOne Mobile GDI+

Windows XP 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001000000 Bit

ActiveReports Reports for Duty

NAnt, Command Lines, Paths and Spaces

Build SQL and Set Your Schedule with ASP.NET

Angle-Bracket-Avalon Doesn't Support "Hello World"

Top News TreeMap

NUnit Unit Testing of ASP.NET Pages, Base Classes, Controls and other widgetry using Cassini

ScottGu's ASP.NET Testing Articles

Code to HTML Formatter

Don't Trust Reporting Services Parameters

Unit Testing Tool: Zanebug

Code Review and Complexity, Michael Swanson

Don't use String.ToUpper nor String.Length for String Comparison



Hosting Code Editor in Tool Windows

Nader: Evidence Supporting Impeachment Grows

Posting options for .Text

Windows Forms Tip: Ensure only one instance of your application is running at a time Free Programmers' Resources

Avalon to run on XP, WinFS Dropped

Actuate Joins Eclipse, Starts Open-Source BI Project

Building an XPath Visualizer with Windows Forms (MSDN)

SQL Reporting Services vs Active Reports .NET

A Week of Fixes

We're Hiring Talented C# Programmers

mbUnit and NCover Problems

Generate Sample Data

Post Mortem Managed Debugging

mbUnit Errors Caused by Performance Counters

Assemblies Get Friendly in Whidbey



More on C# XML Documentation

IServiceProvider, IServiceContainer, and loosely Coupled Components

VS2005 Doesn't Do Much For C# XML Documentation

Cw Extends C# with new Concurrency and xml Features

Open Source is not a carefree happy coder's paradise, and some people make sure of it


Handling Native Unhandled Exceptions on Windows

Could not create a Disk Cache Sub-directory for the Application Pool


Test Grammar and Test Data Generation, Hi-Yah!

Luxinterior Skin for .Text with a Calendar

ActiveReports Gets 4 out of 5 Stars in a Review

Prefer Single, Large Assemblies to Multiple, Smaller Assemblies

VBParser Inspected

Memory Mapped Files, Samurai Dictionaries and the Longhorn Gamble

Mono Beta 3


A Sharp Tools List

Unit Testing Tool Alternatives


Are you Accessible?

Visual Studio Whidbey Trivia


WikiTalk Doesn't Speak My Language


The Fastest Processor for Visual Studio .NET is...


RegEx Cheats and Reporting Comparisons

More on Application Security and Directories

SharpDevelop Switches to DockManager

Application Security with Directories

Managed VS.NET Packages

SYS-CON Readers' Choice Awards

Dangerous PInvokes - string modification

Whidbey rides in on a Whitehorse

Mono is Cool

Don't Give Away Your Linker

Run C# & VB in J2EE

Performance Articles

asp.netPRO Readers Choice Awards 2004


An Improved Calendar for .Text

Steele Price Writes an ActiveReports Article

SelectNodes() with XML Namespaces

Outlook Gets 'Niobe'

If not virtual then why not sealed?

Why does FxCop generate violations against itself?

Whidbey Creates your "SR" Localization Class for You

So that's why Edit & Continue didn't make it in

WebServices.Blog.Move(System.Xml.XmlDocument(rss)); //:)

Create a managed sand box

OK, you tell me when my customers have Longhorn and I'll think about using .NET then, mm-kay? My money is on 2008.

FxCop Improved...


Assembly Version Components

Fantastic article on how to setup Mono !!

Once again, they just might be on to something...


Mono looks for a report writer...

MarshalByRefObject == Proxy

Client Side Scripts from ASP.NET