February 2004 Entries

Dangerous PInvokes - string modification

Whidbey rides in on a Whitehorse

Mono is Cool

Bucks Memories

Don't Give Away Your Linker

Small Business Virus Scanners

Run C# & VB in J2EE

Software is expensive (sometimes)

Thunderbird and IMAP and IMail are Perfect

Performance Articles

asp.netPRO Readers Choice Awards 2004


An Improved Calendar for .Text

Notes on a Native Son

Metadata, Generics, Enumerated Types, Autoboxing, and primitive types

Steele Price Writes an ActiveReports Article

Optimized Firefox

SelectNodes() with XML Namespaces


Home Information System


Outlook Gets 'Niobe'

Open Source Email Servers

Lies, Lies damn Lies

Firebird is now Firefox 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5

If not virtual then why not sealed?

Why does FxCop generate violations against itself?

Pundit O'Reilly Skeptical About Bush's Prewar Claims

Whidbey Creates your "SR" Localization Class for You

Code Review Resources

So that's why Edit & Continue didn't make it in

.Text and w.bloggar are happening

WebServices.Blog.Move(System.Xml.XmlDocument(rss)); //:)


Create a managed sand box

President Match...