New Product: Data Dynamics Reports Public Beta

I am ecstatic about the public beta release of our new product, Data Dynamics Reports. We’ve been hard at work for more than a year to build a new embeddable reporting engine that in addition to many other features will run reports created in the standard Report Definition Language (RDL). We’ve added everything supported in RDL and extended it with many new features that even Reporting Services does not have. I’ll mention a few of the features I’m most excited about…


We’ve added a theme engine so you can reference style information (colors, fonts, etc.) in your report’s expressions. Change the underlying theme and all your reports will change to the new theme.

Master Reports

Create a master report as a base to include data sources, styles, and common report items for all of your reports. In addition to making it easy for us report developers to embed that common information in to a single place, Master Reports also serve as a great starting point for end user reports.

Ajax-Based Web Report Viewer

Our Report Viewer WebControl allows viewing any RDL report in an ASP.NET application easily, and due to the ajax technology it doesn’t require a full page refresh or ASP.NET post backs.

Windows Forms Report Designer Control

We’ve invested a lot in our designer technology and the same technology we use to publish a first class report designer for visual studio you can embed into your own applications. And if you want an even easier way out, we are providing a compiled report viewer application and report designer application that you can deploy to your users. Of course everything is licensed under a royalty free license for you to deploy to your customers.

Formatted Text Report Item

Embed XHTML directly into your reports. Pull documents from your web pages or embed sophisticated text with multiple formats in a single report item.

Data Visualizers

We have numerous visualization features that you can use as a simple expression to graphically visualize data instead of looking at bland numbers in text boxes.

I’ll talk about each of these features in more detail over the upcoming weeks. For now visit our beta site, download the beta and tell us what you think on the beta forum!

These are just a few of the features that are available in the product right now. We have created this product with the future in mind and have many more exciting features planned. I can’t wait to talk about those too!

posted @ Friday, May 11, 2007 12:42 PM

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