Cool Software

LDAP Administration Tool (LAT) Built with Mono + GTK#

Search and Centralize IT Log Files with Splunk

Test Data Generator

Yahoo vs. Gmail

Two Things to Look Forward To

Top News TreeMap


Fiddler HTTP Utility

A New Blog Reader

AutoRuns from SysInternals

Building an XPath Visualizer with Windows Forms (MSDN)

Google Provides Atom Feeds to All of Your Favorite Newsgroups

Download those Webcasts

G5 + Notebook + Tiger == Yum

Luxinterior Skin for .Text with a Calendar

WinFS in the Shadow of a Spotlight

Cool Links (Search & Reference)

Small Business Virus Scanners

Software is expensive (sometimes)

Thunderbird and IMAP and IMail are Perfect

Optimized Firefox

Open Source Email Servers

Firebird is now Firefox 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5

Disposable Email Addresses

Mono Develop...

Mozilla and Portability

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System