August 2004 Entries

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The Court finds that the construction by Israel of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and its associated régime are contrary to international law; it states the legal consequences arising from that illegality

What's up BIRT ?

Windows Forms Tip: Ensure only one instance of your application is running at a time Free Programmers' Resources

Make Acrobat 6.0 fast!

Avalon to run on XP, WinFS Dropped

Actuate Joins Eclipse, Starts Open-Source BI Project

Building an XPath Visualizer with Windows Forms (MSDN)

Google Provides Atom Feeds to All of Your Favorite Newsgroups

SQL Reporting Services vs Active Reports .NET

A Week of Fixes

Aparently DEP Works, even when you don't want it to...

We're Hiring Talented C# Programmers