January 2004 Entries

Force Policy Change Updates...

OK, you tell me when my customers have Longhorn and I'll think about using .NET then, mm-kay? My money is on 2008.

FxCop Improved...

IIS 6 Compression and ASP.NET - Setup...


IIS Metabase

Blacklist Grounds American Passengers

Micorsoft Aims to Patent XML Schemas used by Office

Assembly Version Components

Ants and Plants basis for Grid Research?

Disposable Email Addresses

Fantastic article on how to setup Mono !!

Black & White

Visual Integration Studio


BBC: Sleep 'can increase brain power'

Note to self, ISV's can register for Windows Crash Reports too!

The Worlds Favorite Sites...

IIS6 Application Pool Identity...

Athlon64 Compiles Fast

Once again, they just might be on to something...

Cover your unit tests


Mono looks for a report writer...

Mono Develop...

Tim Berners Lee votes for Microsoft...

Provide Alternate Style Sheets...



Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor

Poor Mans Segway

Sir Tim

Elastic Layout...

One Land, Two Peoples - washingtonpost.com

4096 Color Wheel

Mozilla and Portability


The Bubble of American Supremacy

Customers or Users

Google Zeitgeist - Operating Systems Used to Access Google

Coordinated Device Communication