Helpful Resources for Voting in the November-2006 General Election
A wealth of active information about the US Congress with voting records, bills, and statistics. Also has an impressive way to find your US Congressional District. Interesting fact: Runs on Mono.
Election Information provided by Columbus Dispatch. Includes an interesting and independent analysis of Candidates' and special interest groups' advertisements which are funded by "multi-million dollar war chests". Don't accept the sound-bites you see and hear in advertising, analyze them. Also includes commentary and analysis on state issues and candidates.
Franklink County Ohio Voter Registration Search
This is incredibly useful if you don't memorize this type of information. Use this to make sure your registered to vote. to find your Party Affiliation, Polling Location, City Area, Ward, Voting Precinct, US Congressional District, State Senate District, State Rep. District, School District, and to view a Sample Ballot. For Franklin County Ohio only.
2006 General Election Candidates - Franklin County (Ohio) Board of Elections
Franklin County Ohio General Election Candidates.
2006 General Election Candidates, Issues, and Voting Information - Ohio Secretary of State
General Election Candidates and Issues from the State of Ohio.
Ohio District Maps
District maps for the state of Ohio including US Congressional Districts (US House of Representatives), Ohio House Districts (Ohio House of Representatives), and Ohio Senate districts.
Sherrod Brown's Site
Candidate for US Senate. View his Issues page. Find out interesting facts and statistics about Sherrod Brown at
Mike Dewine's site
Canidate for US Senate (incumbent). View his Issues Page. Find out interesting facts and statistics about Mike Dewine at

Finally, I wish I lived in the Ohio's 12th US Congressional district so I could vote for Bill Buckel as a US Congressional Representative. He has thoughtful explanations of issues on his website with references to just about everything he asserts as fact. I have not seen a candidate validate their assertions and stance on issues as he has in his campaign site (Write In Bill Buckel For The U.S. House of Representatives). All political representatives and candidates should document their stance with references as he has.

His issues include the below and many more:

He also lists the following "Statements in Preparation":
  • The Government of Israel should pay reparations to Lebanon
  • Iraq---past, present, and future
  • Rethinking the "war on drugs", "War on terrorism", and war on whatever
  • Open government protects our civil rights
  • No more wars without a Congressional declaration of war
  • Reducing the ratio of low-paying jobs
  • Immigration
  • Reasonable pay for congressmen/women

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