Angle-Bracket-Avalon Doesn't Support "Hello World"

Well I've been playing a bit with the Avalon CTP and it's been a slow process to say the least. I did some heavy reading on Avalon and even installed longhorn and ran the samples several months ago now, but didn't ever really get into the angle-bracket avalon (aka XAML) XAML stuff very heavy and figured it's time I start. Well it sure seamed to have change allot in the CTP, because nothing I could recall worked... or did it?

Everything I built with the ol' angle-bracket avalon came out a blank, black window. After simplifying my "Hello World" attempts even further (yes, normally you can't do that for too long, but since it seems the world is full of these "XAML is so wonderful" bloggers I figured I must be missing something silly), I still only got a black window. Eventually, after numerous experiments, RTFMing, even stealing code snippets from the documentation in disgrace (some of which didn't even compile), with my ego shattered, I humbled myself with the thought "geez, angle-bracket-avalon isn't so easy afterall", and started downloading some of the XAML guru bloggers' samples.

To my ego's "I told ya so" satisfaction, these samples didn't work either. Soon I realized, Click once doesn't work in Firefox. I should have expected this from Microsoft, but it actually threw me for a while, as I've all but forgotten about "the other browser". Even after I figured out the IE dependency, I either got odd display that appeared to be security related, or a black window again. After some googling I found that baby avalon only knows how to paint with the the boring ol' Windows "Default (blue)" color scheme. Unfortunately, this took me several hours to figure out, but as soon as I changed back my color scheme to the default, low and behold... "Hello World" rises again.

posted @ Sunday, January 02, 2005 8:12 AM


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Left by Luc at 1/7/2005 4:49 AM

Ouch. Thanks for the tips. :)

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