Monday, August 14, 2006 #

More bloggity

A couple of weeks ago I created a new blogger account:

For now, I'll just use the blogger account for family oriented stuff and use this one for all other topics. Basically, I have been having problems here and there with SubText so decided to explore my options to resolve some of the issues. My biggest problem of course is comment spam, I still get tons of comment spam from my email link in SubText (all contain ".... via Luc's Blog" in the subject). A couple of weeks ago I was having some major issues and wasn't able to edit or post new entries. Scott fixed it and it is working well now (duh, I'm posting). :) Thanks Scott!

Anyway, for now, my pingpoet blog will probably be my main blog for geek talk (code, quantum crap, etc...). The blogger account will probably be used more for family oriented blog posts because it integrates so nicely with Picasa and I have oodles of images to blog about. If I find that I am posting to one blog more than the other, I'll either tie them all together or just switch and don't look back. For now I'm just going to see how the blogger account works out for just family crap (farm living, girl raising, family news, etc...). Feel free to check it out and subscribe...

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