UFO Sighting

I'm up working late again and I'm listening to 99.7 and the DJ stated that people in Sunbury are reporting that there is a UFO in the sky looking towoard Johnstown. I ran outside to see for myself, and “I'll be damned” if there isn't something in the sky. I'm not sure if it is an alien craft, but it is definitely not a star and it is not an airplane either because it is just sitting still. Typically the North Star is the brightest star in the sky out here, but this light is much brighter than the North Star. I can honestly say that this is pretty damn exciting.

I'm currently charging up my camcorder so that I can get some footage and zoom in on it. I'll post a link to the video if it is still there in a couple of minutes (after my battery charges). VERY COOL!!

Next Day Update: False alarm, it was a (very bright and large) star or something. Sleep deprivation might have had something to do with my extreme excitement. :)

Almost 2 Months Later: James turned me onto a link from Space.com that explains what I could have seen. Thanks James. I still believe... :)

Print | posted on Friday, February 24, 2006 3:01 AM