Issam Elbaytam - ThoughtChain.Serialize()

Sunday, June 12, 2005

MJC cannot figure out how to merge multiple reports, so he's frustrated it with it.  It's actually simple, run the individual reports, then merge their page collections into a single report.



foreach(Page pg in rpt2.Document.Pages)




// now rpt1 is a merged report of rpt1 and rpt2.

Scott recently added CAPTCHA to pingpoet blogs to reduce comment spam.  However, today I noticed that I got a ton of Pingback spam.  My guess is that some automated tool is subscribed to my feed and it automatically creates pingbacks to all my posts.  Took me forever to delete all the SPAM entries.   .Text delete operation is the worst I've seen, it does not allow multiple selection and requires two confirmations, that's three page refreshes to delete a single entry.