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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

“the Drebin” likes ActiveReports 2.0  however, he has a couple of pet peeves

1. Licensing: i saw the email go through the internal list today and hopefully our excellent support crew will help him resolve the licensing issue.  Many of the these licensing issues have to do with how the licenses file works in VS.  I find the most helpful hint is to add a new report to the project and that helps recreate the licenses file with the new registered key and the rest of the reports get registered.

2. Control Copy/Paste: As far as pasting a control, we followed what MSAccess does, when pasting using the keyboard we default to 0,0 because keeping the original coords would put the control on top of its original copy confusuing users.  However, pasting using the mouse (context menu) places the new control at the mouse coordinates.

3. re: the .Text property, part of this has to do with the property grid in VS, we had a feature in 2.0 list to add a simple multi-line string type editor for the text property, I'll have to check and see what happened with that.

Anyway, I am glad “the Derbin” likes ActiveReports, i get asked a lot, why should one buy ActiveReports when CR is or RS is “free”.  And my answer is always, first, they are not free, second, give it a try and be the judge, download the eval and try a couple of reports and make sure it works for you before you commit to anything.   ActiveReports is a report designer by developers for developers.