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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I've been silent lately because I am swamped with two major releases and starting two new projects.  I cannot say anything about the new project except that they are VERY exciting :), so I'll mention the new releases..

Tomorrow (Friday April 15th) we release a major upgrade to ActiveReports for .NET and add a new product to our line.  Both products have been long in development, qa and documentation.  We've put a lot of effort to correct many issues with ActiveReports, this version is the most tested version we ever had.  And we added a Chart control, made pdf vector image quality much better with EMF support and added IList data binding - a frequently requested feature-.

SharpGraph is a new product that will prove very competitive with existing charts on the market.  I have big plans for this one :)  This initial release is just to get us started, it supported all the popular chart types and has extensive styling options to make charts look awesome. 

Make sure you download your evaluation copies from our web site -