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Friday, November 12, 2004

Tom Friedman sums up the life of Arafat in this op-ed column.  I personally never liked Arafat because of what he's done (or not done) to the Palestinian people.  While we may never know the truth about his millions it is a fact that his tenure in the occupied territories has not improved the lives of the millions living there.   Friedman sums it up perfectly in his column when he says

His obsession was with Palestinian ‘‘land’’, not Palestinian ‘‘life’’

Arafat has created more security apparatuses and built more prisons than schools and hospitals.

Today, after watching his final send-off, I grieve for what he represented NOT the person he was.  I hope the millions of Palestinians keep their cause and plight for freedom alive by choosing wisely and demanding a better and more responsible leadership that cherishes their lives and gives them the future they deserve.

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