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Thursday, November 04, 2004

just like open source but for hardware.  cool


I got an email from a colleague who worked on getting out the vote for Kerry on Tue.   I was startled by his account of a couple of incidents he saw while going door-to-door.

Going door to door I talked to a man who thought the United States should nuke Iraq. When I tried to explain that there were a lot of innocent people in Iraq, he told me that they were all terrorists and that that is what they get for attacking us on September 11th.
Also my Aunt is a proud Bush supporter (Ohio) because he is liberating Iraq from the Communists.


Overall, I think this election was for the democrats to loose.  I voted for Nader because I did not think the democrats offered a good alternative.  They need to reflect and focus their message to gain support in one of the close states, I think their best bet is in the southwest and possibly one of the close ones in the mid-west.  The south is most-likely lost forever.  The northeast and west elite democrats will never reach people in the south.