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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

p2p-politics released the ads made by citizens for,  some of these people are extremely talented.  These are my favorite:



In his letter Ralph tells the story of an Israeli pilot who refused to contribute to the killing of Palestinian civilians.  This quote is very telling of the views and policies of the IDF.

In the discussion of my dismissal, I asked General Halutz if he would allow the firing of missiles from an Apache helicopter on a car carrying wanted men, if it were traveling in the streets of Tel Aviv, in the knowledge that that action would hurt innocent civilians who happened to be passing at the time. In answer, the general gave me his list of relative values of people, as he sees it, from the Jewish person who is superior down to the blood of an Arab which is inferior. As simple as that.

In Palestine and in Iraq thousands of civilians have died, they are never officially counted and are referred to as "Collateral Damage".  They are not counted because they don't matter.