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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show - which I love to watch- was on CNN's CrossFire -which I also like.  The exchange was absolutely hilarious.  Jon raised an issue that is important to all pundit shows, they don't really have constructive debates, instead they bring these people to mouth off their standard sound bites and never answer a question.   They should keep hammering until they get an honest answer.  Chris Mathews does some of that on HardBall but we need more, much more, we need straight answers.

I like it but I want more

  • Limit search to specific folders.
  • Index my cs (csharp source) files.
  • An API to access the search results.  I don't like the fact that the only thing I can do with my results is to see the list and launch the default app.  I might want to copy, move, delete or view in notepad.  That would be possible if I could write a small app to search and display the files list with "context menu" to take action on those files.



I am very glad MS is adding this to Whidbey, it makes so much sense.  Thanks.