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Monday, October 11, 2004

Jeff Key posted a link to his NCover browser, this might be very useful to browse code coverage if you're using NCover.


  • Nodes in tree show aggregate completeness. Anything less than 100% is colored red.
  • Clicking on a class displays the class visit info, clicking on a member displays only that member's info.
  • Visit information is colored red if visit count is zero.
  • Unvisited lines have the familiar red squiggle under them.
  • Drag & drop file on app to load, File|Reload to reload.
  • Print source files.

Rob Relyea writes about some changes that the Avalon team is considering to the XAML syntax.  Scott and I got into some heated discussions with the team when we were first introduced to XAML at a VSIP lab. 

I am glad they are thinking about changing the "*Bind" syntax to be more extensible.  I see this as an area where ISVs can modify or improve property and data binding in XAML.  

In addition, decoupling XAML from the presentation framework would help make it a reusable object graph persistence framework that we might be interested in for some future product scenarios we're thinking about.


[via: MaximumPC -Nov 2004]

Three hacks to upgrade your Linksys WRT54G router with very cool features.  Now I wish I didn't switch to DLink last year.

  • SveaSoft -  Adds static DNS and bandwidth shaping -quotas-.  $20 for a full year of upgrades.
  • WIFIBox -  Adds static DNS and is open source.
  • OpenWRT - Adds static DNS, bandwidth shaping and WiFi sniffing.  Extensible using plug-in packages.  Free.