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Sunday, September 05, 2004

As I mentioned before I have a TiVo and I love it.  I just bought a portable media player AV340 from Archos ( -they have a newer model now, even cooler.  Anyway, I use TiVo to record shows then use the Save to VCR function to move the content to the AV340.  This sucks, because it takes a long time, i have to play all the recorded shows one by one and rename the files on the AV340.  TiVo needs to get it's act together and create the ultimate PVR, here is a wish list.

- Allow access to Tivo drive from my home network OR recognize external hard-drives connected through USB and allow copying content to them.  I should be able to encode and compress the content with DivX.   Or if that's an issue, team up with Archos and get this to work, it is brilliant.  MS is doing this with Creative and iRiver.

- 2 Tuners in a TiVo and PiP (picture-in-picture) support.

- Coordinate multiple TiVos in the house so I can record conflicting shows.

- Why the heck should I need a cable box, can they put something in to get rid of that.

- A TiVo server and mini Players: I would love to have an expandable multi-hard-drive, multi-tuner Kick-Ass TiVo server in the house and I can access it from any number of smaller access points (mini-TiVo). 

- Open up the SDK so I can add home-automation, caller-id, IM, weather, RSS, email, and whatever the heck I want to that server.

TiVo can own the digital home entertainment if they make their box and software more expandable.  I spent $500 on TiVo and would be glad to spend a lot more if they create a platform that they and others can build on.