Axosoft Switches to ActiveReports for .NET as "a far superior alternative to Crystal"

Hamid reveals that Axosoft has released OnTime 2006 which he describes includes some really hefty features which included "the most powerful workflow in our industry", as one goal, "a complete re-write of our reporting system from Crystal Reports to Active Reports", as another and the ability to fully customize the product on a per-project basis. In a follow up post he says the following about ActiveReports:
...ActiveReports is a far superior alternative to Crystal. DataDynamics ActiveReports is a fantastic reporting tool that's designed for developers and offers the perfect re-distribution license (royalty free). Even their end-user report designer is royalty free. I totally get the sense that these guys understand ISV needs, unlike Business Objects. Additionally, ActiveReports for .NET is designed and developed in .NET with a simple XCopy deployment, unlike Crystal's convoluted merge modules. The new OnTime 2006 Reporting system and Custom Report Designer are now based on the ActiveReports engine.

posted @ Tuesday, November 15, 2005 11:22 PM

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