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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Address Books; How Many do You have?

Well,it happened again.
Wife said get mt "THE" address list so I can send Christmas cards.
I mumbled something and walked away.

So, off I went to the office to get "THE" address list.
I use the following address books regularly.
Palm - I use an add on called Agendus but it uses the Palm Address Book.
Thunderbird - Email
LDAP      - I have an LDAP server that I run my email server and other stuff from.
Quicken   - To Keep those bills and taxes paid
Delorme   - GIS mapping software so I put in someone's name and it draws a map.
Dymo Label Printer - They have their own software to print Labels.
Legacy Deluxe -
Genology Program

Now in 2006, you would think it should be easy to use one address book for everything, but it well just doesn't happen.

I have yet to find anything that will keep them in Sync, reliably.

Heck, I have yet been able to find a way to export and import them.


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