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Where's the open in

Open, according to Merriam Webster (from

Let me see, to contribute, you  must pay a mininum of  $5,750 - $1,000. Did I miss something in the definition of “Open”?

Oh, you want to use an OASIS standard, well that means you have to license the right to use the standard. (See Funny, I missed that in the definition of  “Open” also.

You would be surprised what we use everyday thinking that it is open. UDDI as an example. So, even though it is difficult to understand it is UDDI must also be licensed for you to use. See: 

The basis of the license reads:

“If the Licensors own any patents or patent applications that may be required for implementing and using the specifications contained in the Document in products that comply with the specifications, upon written request, a non-exclusive license under such patents shall be granted on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.”

Oh, and I can not quote from the “Open” standard from without providing:

1.          A link to the original document posted on (

2.          An attribution statement : ("Copyright © 2000 - 2002 by Accenture, Ariba, Inc., Commerce One, Inc. Fujitsu Limited, Hewlett-Packard Company, i2 Technologies, Inc., Intel Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation,  Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, SAP AG, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and VeriSign, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.")

I guess  must use have licensed a different definition of “open” than ( and the rest of us.

I am very concerned. If the answer is SOA and WEB services, then how can we put licenses on the standards?

Is that any different than putting a license on 120vac 60hz?

Or on putting a license on “a pathway of concrete, steel and or asphalt consisting of more than two lanes with on and off ramps at irregular intervals.” Oops. I think I should have got patent this before I wrote it.



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