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Saturday, March 26, 2005

St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day Six-Friday


 Molly McQuires in Redhook on the “American Yaht Harbor” dock is a great breakfast place.

The Adventure

We rented a small power boat, 16 foot, if I remeber right. We wanted to see what the tour guides would’t show you. The boat guy siad go gather up some provisions like some sandwhciches and ice etc form the deli down the way and come back. We did.

Now, I do not have any real experiance driving a power boat, but I did tll the guy we used to own one. I managed to get the thing to the fuel dock with only a little trouble as we had to wait in some wind for several minutes while the other boats that were fueling left.

After fueling up we were on our way. Nautical maps are difficult to read. They certainly do not seem to scale and there were two on the boat and they showed different aspects. I think a GPS should be required for all boats. We managed to wind our way a long the north shore of St. John and found a small bay to pull in and tie up to a mooring bouy. The boat dock guy said we were not allowed to ancher in the National park. Good thing as this boat did not have an anchor.

We saw a green sea turtle 30 yards off the boat. got some pictures. We decided to snrokel in to the beach. It must of been 1/4 mile to the shore so we had a half-mile swim to take. We really did pretty good. One of the snorkle masks leaks. So we had to stop every so often to clear the mask. We were not sure where we were so when we go to the beach we asked some one and they said it was HawksNest bay. Upon arriving back to the boat, it was a long swim, we had luch on the water. Consulting the maps, we were not at all where we thought we were. We had not traveled nearly as far as we had thought.

We ventured out along the north side of St. John traveling along the line between the US VI and British VI. THe water and scenerary were the best. As we reached the east end of St. John molly commented on the open water that was ominous to the east. I told here the next shore was Africa. We went all the way around St. John and ties to a mooring bouy in a cove not so far from shore this time. We snorkeled here for another hour or so. Saw lots of fish and a smaller turtle.

Molly and I both thought this was the best day of  the trip.


I was determined to go to a place called the Frigate. But Molly said we would have to got back to the Hotel and shower if we were going there. We both had this white haze all over our hair and face. Seems the salt water that evaperated left some salt behind. Everything seemes a little crusty.

We had to wait on the boat guy to get back to the dock so we had a couple of drinks at Molly’s. We were watching the people at Molly’s put up the dinner specials and decided to eat there. So we had another drink or two. 



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