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St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day Four



No Bugs

Ok, well not insects, bees or other types that seem to be pests. A lot of the restaurants are open air with no screens.

The biggest pests are the taxi drivers that all ask you if you are looking for a taxi. They are waiting outside every restaurant and shop.


More Jewelry stores than you can count. One shop keeper said there were 118 jewelry vendors on the Island. There were five large cruise ships in port today. The shop keeper also related that this was the end of the busy season and things would slow down for a couple of months.


We decided to seek the air conditioning. Went to the Hard Rock cafe on the waterfront. Had salads and Iced Tea. All good and suited us for the time. $33.00 with tip.


We stopped at The Green House hoping for traffic to settle dwon a little before we went to the hotel. Had a few drinks and a shrimp cocktail.

We split a sandwich and salad for dinner at the hotel in the Cabana Bar. Good burger and the salad was great. $30.00 with tip and a couple of drinks.


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