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St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day Three


The Weather forcastor could record his programs in advance. Today, the same as yesterday. Lows 72 high 82, feels like 110.

Ships at port

There were three ships waiting for the sunrise this morning to dock. One of them has now docked. (6:40) The other two are circling in to the dock. All three are Big ships. We asked a guy yesterday and he said it would not be unusual for these big ships to have 3,000 passengers on board.

The Adventure

We have a day booked on a sail ship. Snorkeling and sun bathing for the day. Discount ticket we got from our two hour sales pitch did get us half off.

Breakfast and then down the winding road through the little towns. Got to the sport early, of course. More people were on the boat than we expected. But that was not a problem. New Horizons.

Fun to watch the guy and gals sail the boat. Not really agressive ride but they did get the main sail out for part of the trip. The water was beautiful. Our first stop was on the island of St. John at a beech on a property owned by the Rocerfellers. We snorkelled for about an hour had some good sightings of fish. The reef was not like we had seen in Bahammas or Mexico (Cancuun) not near the variety of corral or wild life.

Food On Board

We were served unlimited beverages and luch which was not bad for the conditions.


We decided to eat at the hotel tonight. So we went back to the Banana Tree. Food was excellent and service was much better. Still $121.00 for diner wih tip and a couple of beverages.

Sun Burn

Well, almost. We used 15 sunblock and put it on twice. Once before we left and once while on the boat. Still sholders areas got quite red.



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