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St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day Two

The Sunrise

Cloudy this morning. Makes me, wonder if the money we paid for the reservation for the all day trip on a boat is covered in event of rain.

No cruise ships at dock, but one is circling the bay with his lights on.

Oops. Think I felt a rain drop. Well, that was it. A drop of rain. I retreated to a place under cover, not the clouds have blown by and the sun is rising over the hill.


Finally, a place that can do breakfast. The ?? is a well know breakfast spot for the locals and fit our needs well. Real breakfast. Eggs, omelets, toast etc.

The Pitch

We went to a seminar to learn of this great new way to vacation. As usuaual it is a pitch on how you should buy some time share proeprty under this new method and you can vacation for life. Well, we did get a bottle of Rum and a coupon for discounts on some things we wanted to do while we were here. Probably worth the time even if it was closer to two hours than the one houre we were told.


We did lunch at the tops of the ride. The ride was cool. Every visitor should do this. Our discount coupon it was $5.00 instead of $16.00 helped. Lunch was sandwiches and was good, but still $22.00 with tip.


We took off to find the spot where we will depart from for our sailing adventure. On the narrow winding roads up the hill side. Amazigly country side. You pass the fancy resorts and then pass some shack that has a dirt floor with chickens and two or three broken down vehicles in the yard.


The Tavern on the Waterfront. I think this is one of my top ten meals, anywhere. The place is upstairs and overlooks the water. $94.00 with tip. 


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