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St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day One

The Sunrise

I am an early riser. So I like to see the sun rise. St Thomas, St. Thomas where we are sits in a basin surounded by hills. The Sunrize happens beyond the hill where we sit and so the sun is not visible as it rises from the horizon. Yet as always, it is a neat time of the day. You can hear roosters off in the distance as the city awakens.

No one appears to be awake in the hotel area. All is quiet except he constant fans frm the air conditioners.

A large crusie ship is dacking at the port. As I understand the crusie ships, they travel at night so when the people awaken they can be at a port.


This is the place for shopping. When the crusies ships dock the shops fling thier doors open and the frensy begins. Jewlery sales is available everywhere. Why here?

Lots of jewlery. The variety of jewlery is amazing. any style from anywhere. The shop keepers are as varied as the jewels. A gentleman from India, been there for years. Had been married 30 years and said; “Keep the wife happy and whole familly will be happy.” A young women was from Norway. She related she just wanted a change.

Visisted a Dive shop and spoke with an great guy that told how they do thier dives in 40 ft of water and over a ship wreck.

The shops at the docks are amazing. the shops are in buildings like store-n-lockit buildings, row after row of buildings.


Dive shop guy reccomended a place arround the corner so we tried it. Two elderly women were working and as rental guy said, the service sucks. We were never even acknowledged we arrived. We sat patiently while they did their thing with this customer and that custumer and dissappeared int othe back and then reaapeared. Then we got a glance with a gaze of well, what do you want? We really only wanted coffee and a roll or something and the food was ok, but still expensive.


Saw a tee shirt a guy was wearing that said; “When a person gets physically tred, one should rest. When a person gets emotionally tired, one should move one” -gladys It was an advertisement for a restaurant. So that was where we went for lunch. Good choice. The food was great. Watch out for the hot sauce, they are not kidding. The waitress was fun and much more attentive than most.

The Ocean

The “Bluebeard Resort” has a beach club down the road and a round the bend that is on the ocean. We went for a drive and stopped there for a dip in the ocean. The beech was nice, a little rocky but anytime you can get in the ocean is not bad. Sun was great.


The “Green House” We think as there is a picture of a parrot after the word “Green” is is really the Green parrot House”. We had grouper sandwiches, they were great. The cole slaw was a little spicy and not to our taste. The Margerittas were also better than most and two-for-one. We asked “jack” the waiter if he knew who had the really big sailbost that were docked on the water front. He said no, but the one was the world’s largest single mast sloop at 230 some feet and was about 50 million dollars.



# re: St Thomas 2005 Vacation Day One

I lived on St.Thomas for 6 months in 2004. Had the time of my life, but...and this is a big but. It can be a dangerous place. It is a part of the U.S. but everybody is related to everybody and that leads to a strange nepotism. Corruption is an art form here. Driving at night is an adrenaline filled experience. Have travel evac insurance if you go to stay. 5/24/2005 4:16 AM | Denmeister

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