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St Thomas Vacation 2005 Arrival

The Flight

The Flight went well. The Bose Quit Comfort II head phones are un-real. When you take them off, after having them on for a while, the noise was like being in a jet engine. Highly reccomended.

The Car

Rented a car from Thrifty, over the NET of course. It must of took us forty-five minutes to get the car. While we had no issuse with our reservation or the car, the people in front of us and several people who calle dont he phone did. One call was from some one whom had rented a car and the tire was flat. He wanted some road-side assistance. The thrifty agent siaid that they do not provide roadside assistance.

While there I asked how I would get to our hotel. The rental agent handed me a phone and I calleed the hotel. I was put on hold. Later the call dropped. The car rental agent said he knew right where the hotel was and provided a map that he kept circleing spots on the map where I was to turn and where the hotel was. The car rental agent had no nice detailed maps like I was used to from a car rental agent.

He tried to call the hotel and met with similar results. He said the service “sucks” on St. Thomas.

Interestingly, they had an award for the “Best Rental Compnay” form the New Paper.

The Hotel “Bluebeards Castle and Villas

We tried to use the car rental agents directions without much success. I called the hotel again and asked for directions. The “directions” were amazing. You go down the “main” to the police station and ya keep on going. Ya go on around the bend and ya keep on going. I am not sure if it was a result that maybe the person trying to give directions has never driven or what but the directions did not work.

After driving around on the wrong side of the road (they drive on the left here) for a while I pulled over and ask Molly to call. She of course had fun with the person. As she was talking on the phone, I noticed a distincttive stucture down the roadf on top of a hill and siad never kmind I can see the hotel.

Interesting place. Not fancy but Island Casual. Parts of the place seem very old and some seems much newer. Fraklin Rsevelt stayed here, well the sign says visited here in 1934.

There is a pool and the location is good. Fairly high on a hill with good views on all sides.

The Digs

Actually we were pretty concerned about the hotel as the places we had been driving around were, well, not what we had been accustomed to. But to our delight the palce seems fine.

Sitting higher than most of the places overlooking the “amile Harbor”

The First Meal

The hotel, as I had read was well known for thier restautants. They have two. The “Room with a View’ which is a up-scale, table cloth, low lighting type place. The “Bannan Tree” was a more causual place, or as they call it “Isalnd Casual” (No swim suits or sleveless shirts). We were promptly asked if we had a reservation and of course we did not. We wer offered on of three tables by the bar. The food was great but the service was from the bartender whom had too many things on his mind.

We did meet the owner, Elizibeth, who was taking reservations and assisting with seating near our table. She mentioned she had came here on her “first” honey moon and then returned to visit a girlfrined twenty-nine years ago and she was still here. She mentioned that her and her husband, Jerry, owned the restaurant. They used to have other restaurants, but thye were  destroyed byt the “hurricane” and they decided to come here.

So the food was good the service not so good and the price was higher than expected at $80.00 for food and a two drinks.

The Internet

Well I tried from the room last night with no success, but here by the pool I found a open wireless connection. Ah, life is good.


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