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Looking for a new GIG or Job

As I am an independent contractor, I am always looking for work. Wondering where I will find that next gig to keep some money flowing in.

I also keep a pretty close eye on full-time pposistions thinking I might find some place I fit.

I am always amazed what I see in the write-ups for these jobs. I saw one that said requirements:
Oracle DBA
Micorsoft SQL DBA
Programming in C++, C#, java, VB
Nettegrity Sitminder

Rate 50-60

Well let's see. I at least know what these things are. But can anyone tell me what J2EE is and how you rate experiance in something like J2EE and .NET. I woudl call these frameworks or techonologies. J2EE consistes of many technologies and products that no one person coudl be an expert in all of the differnet areas.

I know many people who make their whole carreers on being an Oracle DBA.

LDAP is rather obscure to most people, I considered myself to be an expert at most areas of LDAP, but I do not consider myself a LDAP admiistrator. That is someone who works at aa LDAP server vendor's console every day.

Now just covering entries I have, I know of no one who could honestly answer an job description asking for these Items as requirements.

And if they did, do you think they would work for that rate!


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