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Vacation Morning, day One.

Vacations are one of those things. Those things where you fell like you should want to go, but you are never sure why.

I get up early. When people are on vacation, they do NOT get up early. Well, except me. So I always up set them when on vacation. anyhow, it is 5:10am an we are in Orlando Florida. We ==My wife, two of our children and our three grand-children. Of course no one else is up.

We are at the Hilton Grand Vactions ??? and it is quite nice, especially for the "kids". Sea World is less than a mile away and Mickey land is a short drive or they have shuttles to Mickey and Universal Studios. The really bad news, there is no Broadband Internet access and the phone rates for Internet acess is early 1990 rates. I will have ot mention this to someone. No wireless networks deteced either. Um, maybe an opportunity. I have a nephew that does wireless broadband for places like this.



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