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Getting Ready for Vacation

The Flight

Oh, and have you ever tried to book seven people on one flight ? For this vacation, I tried to book four adults and three children on one fight and none of the online places would allow you to do more than six. So I tried to make two bookings, no luck, the online service said they had no tickets. Seems these online services buya block of tickets and when they sell them they are out of tickets. So I used some of my frequent flyer miles and book myself on a different flight. Anyone else seen this phenomeno and fould a way to beat it?

The rental Car

So, four adults and three children for a rental car. Well I signed up for a "mini-van". Seems none of the rantal places had any "non-Mini-Vans" and they had no big boats like Suburbiuns or Excurssions. The write-up said okay for seven. When I picked up the mini-van, the clerk at the front desk said it wowuild be tight if we had much luggage. I was thinking "much luggage" wonder what that is.

Turns out we did not have much luggage, it was fine. Perhaps the luggage was a little crowded.


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