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Friday, March 26, 2004

Looking for a new GIG or Job

As I am an independent contractor, I am always looking for work. Wondering where I will find that next gig to keep some money flowing in.

I also keep a pretty close eye on full-time pposistions thinking I might find some place I fit.

I am always amazed what I see in the write-ups for these jobs. I saw one that said requirements:
Oracle DBA
Micorsoft SQL DBA
Programming in C++, C#, java, VB
Nettegrity Sitminder

Rate 50-60

Well let's see. I at least know what these things are. But can anyone tell me what J2EE is and how you rate experiance in something like J2EE and .NET. I woudl call these frameworks or techonologies. J2EE consistes of many technologies and products that no one person coudl be an expert in all of the differnet areas.

I know many people who make their whole carreers on being an Oracle DBA.

LDAP is rather obscure to most people, I considered myself to be an expert at most areas of LDAP, but I do not consider myself a LDAP admiistrator. That is someone who works at aa LDAP server vendor's console every day.

Now just covering entries I have, I know of no one who could honestly answer an job description asking for these Items as requirements.

And if they did, do you think they would work for that rate!

Vacation Day 3


One of the biggest things I noticed about the parks is the number of them. People casully mention Disney World, but there are at least four parks near Oralando that are Disney parks. Universal has at least three and Sea World has at least two. Just figuring out what park has the right character that the one child just can't miss can take hours.

Universal Studios, Island of Adventure.

If you are a comic book person, you need to go here. Spiderman to Lil Abner are all here. So is Jimmy Buffet's Margarittaville. I couldn't get any takers on the Hulkster, the big roller coaster, but they all said the Spidermnan ride was very good. It is a virtual ride based on the flight simulator technology. You are in a can that has three ranges of motion and watch a movie that shows your trip.

Long day, kids were exhausted, but would not admit it.

Grandma has declared tomorrow a day of hanging out at the pool. Wel see how well that works.

Getting Ready for Vacation

The Flight

Oh, and have you ever tried to book seven people on one flight ? For this vacation, I tried to book four adults and three children on one fight and none of the online places would allow you to do more than six. So I tried to make two bookings, no luck, the online service said they had no tickets. Seems these online services buya block of tickets and when they sell them they are out of tickets. So I used some of my frequent flyer miles and book myself on a different flight. Anyone else seen this phenomeno and fould a way to beat it?

The rental Car

So, four adults and three children for a rental car. Well I signed up for a "mini-van". Seems none of the rantal places had any "non-Mini-Vans" and they had no big boats like Suburbiuns or Excurssions. The write-up said okay for seven. When I picked up the mini-van, the clerk at the front desk said it wowuild be tight if we had much luggage. I was thinking "much luggage" wonder what that is.

Turns out we did not have much luggage, it was fine. Perhaps the luggage was a little crowded.

Vacation Morning, day One.

Vacations are one of those things. Those things where you fell like you should want to go, but you are never sure why.

I get up early. When people are on vacation, they do NOT get up early. Well, except me. So I always up set them when on vacation. anyhow, it is 5:10am an we are in Orlando Florida. We ==My wife, two of our children and our three grand-children. Of course no one else is up.

We are at the Hilton Grand Vactions ??? and it is quite nice, especially for the "kids". Sea World is less than a mile away and Mickey land is a short drive or they have shuttles to Mickey and Universal Studios. The really bad news, there is no Broadband Internet access and the phone rates for Internet acess is early 1990 rates. I will have ot mention this to someone. No wireless networks deteced either. Um, maybe an opportunity. I have a nephew that does wireless broadband for places like this.


2004 Vacation, Day 2

Seaworld yesterday

It was a good time for the kids. Lots of thinks they certainly would not see anywhere else. Saw Sahmu. The question of do they think or only react certainly is a question after seeing them perform.





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