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Sunday, March 14, 2004

FDA urges trace technologies to secure drug supply chain

From A new way to think of identities. The FDA is proposing that "drugs" be tracked with RFID tags to stem the counterfeit drug trade. As I understand it, one of the reasons drugs are cheaper from Canada than in the US is that the Drug companies fund their research from the "high" prices charged to persons in the US and then make contractual agreements with companies like Canada for "cheap" drugs. These contractual agrements include NOT selling to persons in the US.

Market Consolidation ...

HP buys TruLogica.

IBM acquired Access 360,

Sun acquired Waveset,

Netegrity acquired Business Layers,

 IBM will purchase privately held Trigo Technologies

So what do these companies know about Identity Management that the rest do not ?

All the buzz words used in IT today revolve around identity management.
CallerID and all the other proposals to stop spam needs it.
Homeland Security is Identity Management.
RFID -  Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Almost anything to do with security requires an Identity Management System.

As Burton relates:
 "Identity and entitlement provisioning and management over the lifecycle of a business relationship is critical to effective management of service delivery, achieving regulatory compliance, and enabling new business opportunities without compromising security," said Phil Schacter, vice president and director, Burton Group. "Increasingly enterprise customers are looking for integrated identity management solutions from their major management and platform technology partners."

We will see more consolidation in this market but the opportunities are going to increase.
We will talk moreon this soon.




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