3D Game Programming with C#

Scott sent me a link a while back about a series of MSDN webcasts that is basically an online course for 3-D Video Game Development using Visual C# 2.0. A couple of professors from DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington created a series of free courses that basically teaches you how to build an interactive 3-D game from scratch using Visual C# 2.0. Wow!!

I watched the first webcast last night and it was pretty cool. The speaker basically did an overview of all the topics that the next 10 webcasts will consist of. The concepts that will be covered in the series includes:
  • Understanding the Graphics Pipeline
  • The Different Coordinate Systems
  • 3-D Matrix Transformations
  • Camera Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 3-D Collision Detection
  • Game Physics and Dynamics
  • Dynamic and Static Object
  • A whole lot more...
Here is the link to the first online video:
     MSDN Webcast: Introduction to 3-D Games (Part 1 of 11) (Level 200)

Tonight, I plan on watching the 2nd webcast, as it get into the code of the 3D engine.
    MSDN Webcast: The 3-D Engine (Part 2 of 11) (Level 200)

Can't wait!! Thanks Scott!

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