Google Guys are Busy Bees

I was catching up on my blog role tonight and see lots of talk about Googles new online spreadsheet idea. I decided to go one step back and see what else they have been working on in their ever growing list of 'labs'. I found that they have a lot of new stuff in the works. Of the items that they have already come out with, here is my list of favorite ones (no particular order of favorites).

Desktop - I'm lost without it.

GMail - Best user interface idea ever invented for email. I wish Outlook and Thunderbird made their interfaces this easy. I don't even use my mouse anymore, it's all keyboard savvy. Priceless!!

Calendar - Just discovered it a few weeks ago and already use the crap out of it. Adding items and events is too easy. I included the entire Ohio State Buckeye Football Season for 2006. To add events I simply type something like this: "Dinner with Jen on Friday @ 8pm" and it recognizes my event with date and time. Too easy!

News - My only online news checker. I have news for quantum physics, buckeye football, and columbus news that show up everyday along the left menu.

Reader - Cool blog reader. Best part is that it uses GMail style key shortcuts for no-mouse interaction (j = next, k = previous, s = star, etc...). Sweeeet!!!

SketchUp - Took the online tour and was up and running in no time. I hope to build a model of the upcoming deck we're going to be building. Never been much of an "architect" guy outside of code.

Picasa - Wow!! Greatest photo organizer I've ever used. I've blogged about this app many times in the past and they delivered the vision that I had. Jennifer and I use it all the time and I have turned many "non computer savvy" people onto it, including her mother (very not computer savvy). :)

Earth - Again, too cool. I still can't believe it is free. It's cool to see google earth being used on news sites like CNN. The fact that google can give us this technology at NO PRICE just boggles me.

Maps - First to offer the ground breaking draggable map interaction in a browser. Only online map I ever use. I love the fact that you can name things however you want.

Web Alerts - I have all kinds set up (quantum physics computer research, dd products, and  many others)

SpreadSheet - Just got setup with it today and plan to tinker with it to figure out all the functions that it offers. It's a dog eat dog world out there. :)

Finance - I don't know much about online stock trackers, but this one has a really cool and informative user interface. It's cool to see how recent events get injected into the time chart so you can see how press releases effect the price of the stock.

Video - Just plain fun.

Suggests - I didn't quite understand it at first, but the more I use it the more I appreciate it. As I type, I get tips on what I might be searching for and shows how many results would be found with the different searches. I appreciate it more now.

SMS - Very cool, used it a couple of times for simple searches on my phone and it is quite handy in a pinch.

Froogle - I use it from time to time, but I'm not a big online shopper.

Orkut - It isn't in their labs yet, but I'm sure it will be makikng noise soon. It's an online comunity that google plans to make use of one day... I'm waiting. :) I have a few friends and it appears to be huge in Brazil.

Chat - Nothing too fancy as far as chatting functionality goes, but I do like the fact that all conversations get saved in my gmail account. It's also cool that I can chat directly from my Gmail browser page (major Ajax here).

There are so many others that I haven't even touched and I'm sure that more and more useful apps are up their sleeve for future releases.

Print | posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 12:39 AM