Vista vs Leopard

I've been hearing a lot of hype about Vista and I must say I'm pretty excited. They are offering a lot of cool features. WPF is my personal favorite addition. I'm sure this is going to wow a lot of PC users and could change the way "non-computer people" interact with computers for sure. The new look for Vista is called Aero (a little too similar to Aqua if you ask me... so don't).

I saw an ad for the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and caught a mention about the next Mac OS named 'Leopard'. Of course the media is hyping it up pretty bad and saying all kinds of stuff about how this is the beginning of the OS showdown. If you ask me, it has always been a show down, but Windows is about to enter into the new user inteface territory and I'm sure this has people worrying.

I'm not a big Mac guy, but have always liked the UI. As a Windows user I of course have the mentality that the "grass is greener on the other side". I mean the Mac dialogs have those bubbly buttons and the liquid looking scrollbars. Us Windows developers alway had to settle with the blocky buttons, boring mechanical scrollbars, and flat text boxes. Of course if you wanted to get fancy, you could always dive into GDI+ and do your own painting, but... c'mon.

Another thing that Mac gets my vote on is the way users are able to search right from the desktop without watching some lost dog wag it's tail for 20 minutes to say "Sorry, not found". Oh yeah, and that damn Apple Dock bar gets me zoned in every time I use it. I always find myself going reeeeaaaallly slow back and forth trying to figure out the math on that thing. Microsoft never offered anything like this, even in XP. The cool (but non-obtrusive) animation shows that Mac gave attention to the little details (even opening and closing documents, etc...). It seems as though Windows is finally going to try and catch up in the 'bling' arena, and I must say it's about time and I'm excited. ;P

I'm anxious to see what types of applications developers are going to be building now that Microsoft has built in a "Presentation" "Foundation" directly into the OS. This will allow creative developers to take full advantage of clients' graphics resources to show off some pretty cool stuff. Game on!!

Print | posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 12:24 AM