161 Commute

I am sick of the construction that I drive through everyday. Tonight I went to a buddies house on the northeast side and was trying to get back home, but had to end up driving about 10 - 12 miles out of my way just to move about 100 yards up the road.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that they are making progress and that the end result is going to be awesome! Here is an overhead image of what the upcoming project will look like when it is done and it looks like a complete maze.

I guess it is going to be done around mid next year, so I still have another year or so to go. :(

UPDATE (3/28/2006): I was trying to explain my route to Tyler and decided to "Keep It Real". I made a Google Earth tour of my journey (zip). Note that the tour works best with Speed = 1/3 and Tour Pause = 4sec.

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