My Computer is Fried

I fried my computer yesterday pretty bad. Currently, the power button has no effect when I press it. Here is what happened:

I bought a 20gb iPod off of my cousin the other day and it worked perfectly until I plugged it into my computer. When I plugged the iPod into the computer I smelled something burning so I immediately unplugged the iPod. The iPod was completely hosed after that, but the computer continued to work as normal and I even worked on it after the incident with no obvious problems. I actually took the iPod to a nearby Apple store and they gave me a new one (same model); no questions.

Today, I went to get on my computer and I was presented with a screen that indicated that there was a “hardware change” and asked me how I wanted to boot my computer:

  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • Last known good configuration
  • Start Windows Normally

I chose to Start Windows Normally hoping that everything would just work. It didn't. My computer just shut off with no warning and I haven't been able to turn it on since. I press the power button and it is almost as if it doesn't even recognize it (no fans, lights, leds, nothing). I emailed MBX support about my problem and explained the whole iPod incident in my report. I must add here that everytime I have had a problem with my computer, I have emailed them and I must say that they have been great (Leonard and Kevin)! Their responses have been extremely thorough and very timely (usually same day). This time I dealt with Kevin and he informed me that something has been improperly grounded. Apparently the ports located on the front of my tower are not recommended to be used because they typically have these types of problems... I did not know that. He sent me an image of how the firewire ports should be grounded so I dug into it and ensured they were mapped up correctly. I had a alpha-nerd head lamp and some metal tweezers, but next time I tackle something like this I'm going to invest in a magnifying glass and some rubber tweezers because those ground wires were hard to maneuver onto the tiny pins.

After I made sure everything was grounded on the front-side firewire ports, I put my computer back together and tried pressing the power button again... same thing happened; nothing. I then freaked out. I know that the UPS is working properly because I have other stuff plugged into it and it all works fine (monitors, wireless router, coffee warmer :), etc...). I went one step further and shut down my UPS, waited, and turned it back on. This caused a quick flash from the mother board (I hope it was the blue emitting light from my processor) and did nothing else. I'm currently waiting to hear what Kevin has to say...

Update (3/3/2006)

I sent my tower to MBX today (harddrive, memory, and all) and they are replacing my motherboard. My next step is to restore the my operating system and all settings from my harddrive (assuming they can salvage it) onto the new motherboard. Depending on how tough that is, I might be blogging on that too. :)


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