DynamiCube 3.0 (SP2) and ActiveBar 3.0 Are Released

Today was an extremely hectic day at work. We (Data Dynamics) released two products on our website in one day. I'm pretty sure that this was a record for us (2 major releases in 1 day). When the day was over, I felt like 2 big weights were lifted off my shoulders. We definitely need to have a post mortem and highlight the good things and bad things with both of these releases. I noticed that we had the same types of problems with both releases (cd setups, website updates, database records, product distribution, etc...). All in all, things went well when everything was “said and done” at the end of the day. 

ActiveBar 3.0 was in beta for a long time and we got a lot of good feedback from our beta users. We will be offering 3 free licensed copies to those that helped the most in our beta testing period. I'm not sure yet who they will be, but I'm sure it will be posted on our site when we announce the lucky users. Everythings that we did for ActiveBar 3.0 really aloud us to release a more “solid” product. Our internal painting architecture changed quite a bit from ActiveBar 2.0. When we decided to start development on ActiveBar 3.0, we stepped back and refactored what was already there so that we had a solid foundation to build on. The new architecture allows us to build on top of what we already have available and how tools and bands are painted in general. We included support for GDI+ which gave us the ability to take advantage of some really cool things (transparencies, fancy gradients, and the like). Two of the most notable features of the new release are the NavigationBar ChildBand style and the ToolbarStyle implementation. We also gave the Toolbar Designer a facelift with all new icons and provide a utility to easily transform any ActiveBar 2.0 (Visual Basic) project to ActiveBar 3.0. If you are a programmer that uses ActiveX technology in your applications, and need to have Office style toolbars and navigation controls, I definitely recommend looking at ActiveBar 3.0.

The DynamiCube 3.0 Service Pack that was posted today is probably the most solid DynamiCube build ever. When we released version 3.0 (last summer), the internal calculation engine had to change to support the new GroupFooter architecture. The performance was still good, but it definitely slowed things down a bit. Well, this is no longer an issue, todays release really proved that DynamiCube can “hang” with the rest. Our calculation engine has been optimized drastically; performance is very comparable to the 2.0 product now. Large cubes that used to take 4 seconds to build, now take less than a second. Null values are handled with elegance and our GroupFooter architecture is rock solid now. If you have read my blog before or know me personally, you would know that DynamiCube is my favorite product of all times (always will be). I know the product inside and out and I am extremely proud of the release that went out today. If you are looking for a light-weight and easy-to-use ActiveX control to perform complex analysis, I HIGHLY recommend that you look at DynamiCube 3.0. It has saved my butt on a few contracting jobs when my clients (sounds wierd I know) wanted to do drill down analysis on their databases and generate dynamic reports however they saw fit.

To conclude this post, I just want to say this: Today, Data Dynamics has proven that we are a customer oriented company. We take pride in the controls that we develop and know that our customers are the key to our success. If you are a .NET programmer, please sit tight and know that your time is coming... We have some “biscuits in the oven” that are sure to take you by suprise. If you want a hint, read our mission statement.

I'm shutting up now.

Print | posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:26 PM