Wireless Network Problems

I got my wireless network a while ago, and haven't had any problems with it. Well, the router was always in the upstairs office, and we got a strong signal from no matter where we were at in our (rather small) house. The whole reason it was upstairs in the first place was because our basement needed waterproofed before I could have my office back downstairs (more info). Well, we finally invested the money and got our basement waterproofed over the summer (wow, this would be a big blog entry which I have no desire to write). Bottom line is this: It was moving day for my office and I had problems; hence this blog entry.

The idea was to unplug everything, plug it back in and be jammin... Yeah right.

I got everything broke down, moved and set back up in about 2 hours. Everything seemed to be working great, except for this one “small” problem that was causing my wireless to no longer work. My land-line worked great, so this was a plus and I at least was able to use google as my companion through the whole mess. Here is what I knew:

   1.) Wireless signal blinks every second (steady as a horse)
   2.) There was no signal being received on the tablet 
   3.) I just finish moving everything, so it could be anything... :(

I didn't remember my router blinking like this upstairs, but never really paid attention either. Automatically, I knew that this had to be the problem. It was then that I prepared some hot coffee, got the kids in bed, made sure the wife was occupied upstairs watching whatever it is she watches and decided to tear into this thing and save the farm. I'm searchin’ all over the web to see what the heck is going on and I hear all kinds of stories on what the problem could be. I'm logged into my router and resetting everything, turning on and off certain settings, testing, try again, etc... I looked through the *cough* handy dandy *cough* reference manual online and was able to quickly determine that it was merely a waste of useful web space. It simply told me that when the light is on, it's working... I'm speachless... that sucked. I looked on Netgear's site and found nothing except for some disgruntled users. If I was going to solve this, I had to get to the people using them that knew what the hell they were doing, not the people helplessly bitching about how their router sucks and can't do anything about it. I continued on my journey and read some horror stories with my particular router causing problems all over the place (some of which scared me). This one guy reported that he bought a new flat panel monitor and it fixed his wireless problem… This was a little too far fetched for me, but whatever…

There was another guy who was actually posting all over the place, desperately looking for a solution to my very same problem (blinking wireless led and no signal). He eventually found out that he was a 'knucklehead' and had accidentally flipped his built in wireless switch to the off position on his laptop... Man, he’s right, what a knucklehead...

I was talking to my sister about the problem and she said that if the router is near a fluorescent light or a brick wall that this could cause problems. That has to be it! I have my router right underneath a fluorescent light and my corner is backed into a brick wall, PERFECT! I decided then that I was going to unplug everything and run my router and my modem back up stairs to get the signal strength and then just run a long CAT5 cable down some holes in the floor to my office for my land-line. I unplugged everything and waited until I could get some CAT5 the next day at work before I got into setting it all up again and drilling holes in my floor.

The next day at work, I did all of my duties for the day and decided to follow Scott back to his place so that I could get the stuff I needed to solve my problem when I got home. As I was packing up, I thought I would like to see if my wireless works at the office just to feel the comfort of a working wireless connection. I unplugged my tablet from the network and waited ‘til the wireless kicked in… kept waiting… nothing! OK, this can't be a coincidence; I walked around the office to see if anybody was having any problems with our wireless network and Phil stated that he was on with no problems. I got back to my office and started troubleshooting my tablet... Low and behold, my wireless switch was turned off. I too was a knucklehead! I flipped the switch and saw multiple available wireless networks with green mountains of connectivity strength.

I was giddy all the way home knowing that this was the solution to my problem. When I got home, I quickly ran downstairs, plugged everything back into the computer in the basement, took my laptop upstairs and turned it on... Shazaam, it works! Tears of joy came rolling out of my face (ok, I'm exagerating, but just know that I was happy). Somebody must have flipped the wireless switch at the same time that I moved the router from the upstairs office to the downstairs office. I assumed it was a problem the the new location of the router or some other configuration problem when I set everything back up. So anyway, I'm writing this blog next to my blinking router while my wife is on the tablet upstairs surfing ebay over a wireless connection... yes, it blinks when it's working. 

Moral of the story: Don’t make fun of knuckleheads.

Print | posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2005 10:53 PM