Somebody needs to do something... fast.

I am sick of not having all the cool features of Outlook just so I can do IMAP. Outlook works with pert-near everything, but their IMAP support sucks. I sure hope that Outlook 12 supports IMAP better along with all of my other rants (sent items / purge deleted messages / spam / etc...).

I've started using OneNote again last week and am really glad I switched back. I forced myself onto PlanPlus a couple of months ago because it had everything I needed (or so I thought). I turned away from Outlook altogether and OneNote in like one night. I used to do email, tasks, schedules, and contacts in Outlook and used to keep all of my notes in OneNote. When I got Thunderbird, I dropped Outlook and quickly realized I needed a PIM so I broke down and got PlanPlus because it had everything else (tasks, schedules, contacts, and notes). The fact is that it isn't the nicest peice of software I've ever used.

I see that Thunderbird has a Palm hotsync extension for their Address Books, but that's about it; they don't even have a feature to sync my mail (which seems like a must for any email client). I'm on the computer for the most part of everyday, so this isn't really a big deal for me. The big deal for me is everything else (notes, schedules, contacts, tasks, expenses, etc...) Outlook has all of these (except for finances, but I have MS Money for that) and I'm about fed up with my PlanPlus that I used to rave about. Franklin isn't doing anything with this app and it has some major usability issues with it (one of which is that it assumes Outlook as your default “everything” client for sending and receiving reminders, tasks, schedules, etc... AAARRRGGGG!!!!

I'm in a loop and I need a break;

Print | posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 3:31 AM