Contender Rematch


I watched the Contender Rematch tonight and it was obvious that the whole show was rigged. The judges were clearly paid off by somebody. It sucks that the judges can't just call the fight like they saw it. The first fight was stopped because Alfonzo beat the crap out of the other guy (bad call, but acceptable). The second fight between Jesse Brinkley and Anthony Bonsante was so fricken rigged that it wasn't funny. Anthony beat the crap out of Jesse and anybody who watched that fight could have seen that. The judges gave it to Jesse and I thought that there was going to be a riot at the Staples Center. As for the main event, Peter won hands down. Sergio Mora can't box and I don't know how the judges are going to get out of that place.

Mark Burnett needs to find judges that don't take money to call fights.

To be clear: (No matter what the ESPN judges were paid to say)

Anthony Bonsante WON

    - AND -

Peter Manfredo WON

Print | posted on Sunday, October 16, 2005 2:28 AM