Wireless Palm Vx HotSync

I'm so happy I blog. :) One of my old school buddies (Wes Johnson) was surfing the web and came across my Palm Vx Lives Again post. When he saw my blog post, he decided to call me and catch up to see how I was doing and to tell me that he found me in cyber space. We got to talking about Palm Pilots and so on and I informed him that I wasn't too happy with the fact that it doesn't have support for HotSync operations via USB. He then informed me that I could do it without any cables at all (SERIAL or USB). C'mon...

He asked if my laptop had an Infrared device on it. I looked around and low-and-behold, my Toshiba does have an Infrared port. This is used to allow for other infrared devices to communicate with it. I know that my Palm has infrared, because this is how me and my nerdy family members beam information to each other. He walked me through the steps for about 15 minutes or so while he tried to remember how to do it (he has a blackberry now) and after a couple of cuss words and help files, we got it setup and it works like a dream. I use it so much now!! Below are the steps you have to take if you wish to use this kick-ass feature.

1.) Ensure that your computer has Infrared support

You can do this by opening up your Device Manager and looking for any devices under 'Infrared devices'. If you do find a device, you have to ensure that it is enabled. You can do this by simply right click on it the device and on the first tab (General) you should see a Device Usage combo at the bottom; choose to 'Enable this device'.

2.) Turn the Beam Recieve option OFF on your handheld

You do this by going to your Palm Prefs. Choose the General option at the top right of the screen and all the way at the bottom ensure that Beam Receive is set to OFF. Otherwise it doesn't work for some reason.

3.) Ensure that your HotSync Manager is looking for Infrared HotSync operation

To allow your HotSync Manager to recognize an Infrared HotSync, you must right click on the HotSync icon in your system tray and make sure that your 'InfraRed' option is CHECKED.

4.) Configure your handheld to beam the HotSync operation

Open the HotSync application on your handheld and choose the 'IR to a PC/Handheld' option below the HotSync logo.

5.) HotSync Away

Once you have everything setup, simply open up the HotSync application on your handheld so that it is ready. Before you can allow the devices to talk to one another you have to place your Palm Pilots infrared receiver approximately 1 inch or closer to the infrared reciever of your computer and press the big HotSync button on your Palm Pilot. Shazaam!

My only complaint is that sometimes during a HotSync operation it simply drops the communication line somehow. I simply restart the HotSync over and it seems to work like a top thereafter. Thanks Wes! You saved me ~$400, because I almost broke down and bought me that Tungsten T5 this week. :) Oh yeah, Jennifer thanks you too. :P

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