Palm Vx Lives Again

I remember back in the day when I used to use my ol' trusty Palm III for everything. If I was going to go to the rest room, I would schedule it in and log every detail of the event... Well, maybe I wasn't that bad, but lets just say that I used it a lot. I eventually sold that one to a friend for $50, then turned around and bought a Palm Vx for $50 off of my sister; I used the crap out of it too for about a year. I was such a nut with this thing that I used to take it into the grocery store with me and use it as our shopping list. Jen and I would calculate our total as we shopped and we would know how much it would come to (down to the a couple of pennies) before we got to the checkout. I used to keep all of my expenses in Pocket Quicken back when I was using Quicken '98. I also had a Palm version of Franklin Planner Software on there that kept track of all of my schedules and tasks. Well, many moons have past and now the only time I use this thing is for addresses or phone numbers. It is quite useful for Christmas card lists and thank you card lists. I have found that I have really gotten out of using it altogether and I'm not sure why.

One of my band buddies (Woody), has a Dell Axim that he uses for his contacts and schedules. He let me tinker around with it for a while and it gave me great joy. :) I once again realized how easy and useful those things are all over again. Of course his handheld was running the latest version of Windows Pocket PC Mobile 2003 or something, so he had all the nice graphics and sounds that really opened my eyes. My Palm Vx doesn't have any colors and it only comes with a simple 'beep beep' sound card that lets me know when I click on an icon. It has this really cool glow setting so that I can read my palm in the dark. Other than that it doesn't have anything fancy, but it is perfect; that is really all I need right now. I was even reading some of the customer reviews on Amazon and people still rave about them to this day over their simplicity and stability. I guess a lot of these newer Pocket OS's or Pocket PC editions are buggy because they are trying to add too much complexity into them. I don't want all that.

I'm starting to get back into it. I just ordered a Palm Vx Charge Anywhere Kit thinking it was a USB sync pack, well it isn't and I have to cancel the order now... :) I just found out what I did. I have since read more and see that it is only a “charging“ kit, not a HotSync kit. I need a way to sync my Palm Pilot with my tablet. Belkin makes these adapters that transform USB to SERIAL, but they look pretty buggy from most all of the reviews. Since my Palm is so old, it only had the COM port synchronizing capabilities, but I do most of my task planning and schedules on my Toshiba (which only has USB ports). I'll go out tomorrow night or something and get a good USB to SERIAL adapter.

I need to focus on getting all my palm apps installed on it and start using it again full time. Currently I keep all of this information on my tablet, but it is a little too bulky when I need to go into the grocery and so on. UltraSoft has a Palm OS version of Microsoft Money and Franklin Covey has a Palm OS version of Plan Plus which is very similar (if not exactly like) Franklin Planner Software that I used to use back in the day. That is really all I need. Maybe if I show Jennifer that I use it enough, she might let me get a new Tungsten T5. :)

Print | posted on Monday, August 01, 2005 2:35 AM