The Biggest Military Computer Hack of All Time

I’ve been hearing a lot about this guy named ‘Gary McKinnon’; he is all over the internet right now. This is the guy who performed the biggest military computer hack of all times. He is accused of hacking into the Pentagon and NASA computers and has allegedly caused $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) worth of damage right around the time of the 9/11 attack. Here is his civil case which, by the way, I’m surprised they put all those IP addresses for all to see, but that isn’t my problem...


Apparently he had a knack for UFO’s and conspiracy theories but his curiosity got the best of him. He spent months searching top secret military documents on top secret networks with full administrative rights. When I found out how he did it, I was blown away; apparently some dumb military personnel (with full administrative rights) never used a password for their logins. This gave Gary (and others) full access to over 53 US military networks. C’mon! These people should be doing just as much time as Gary. They’re the ones that left all this information open to the world.


Disturbingly enough, Gary saw lots of other hackers sifting through files while he was on these networks surfing around. He said he found hackers from lots of other countries doing the same thing he was doing. The information that he claims to have been looking at is pretty top secret stuff. For instance, he states that he found documents that prove there are UFO’s and aliens that work with certain US military groups. Another claim that I really liked was the fact that he indicates Boeing Aerospace has already discovered antigravity:


I know for a fact that they have antigravity. And the basic quantum-physical mechanics of having antigravity imply a free source of energy, getting energy direct from the vacuum. Now to me, that would stop all the wars over oil. It would help fight famine and (help) with irrigation. It would be free energy, and that is a huge thing.


Keep in mind that he also admits to being a drunken drug-head and that he didn’t remember much: “I was smoking a lot of dope at the time.” I do believe some of what he says, but of course I don’t know where to stop believing him. His story was very blog worthy in my eyes.

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