Google Earth

Wow. I downloaded Google Earth over the weekend and was playing with it. I'm amazed at how easy and powerful this “toy” is to use. The fact that it is free really blows me away too, for it looks as though this app took quite a lot of time and thought to build.

It would be very cool if all the buildings and geographical data could be rendered in a 3D model rather than a simple 2D flat surface when zoomed in. I live in a valley and when I did a tilt and zoom on my location, it was rendered as a flat surface with all the houses and hills as a flat image. When I zoomed into my work location and tilted I would have expected to see the buildings popup like a little 3D model. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining here, I'm simply giving ideas for all of those google employees that read my blog (yeah right). :)

UPDATE: Nevermind... they do this already; click the 'Terrain' check box. :)

If you haven't downloaded Google Earth yet, do it now. It's free and it's quite addicting. Now I'm just waiting for them to update with all this tilt, zoom, fly, and bookmark functionality. :)

Print | posted on Monday, July 11, 2005 2:21 PM