I was going through my daily blog lists catching up on the day and came across a very interesting article by Dare Obasanjo about Comega. I must say, this is quite interesting read indeed. I spent about 1 hour reading it and was amazed that it all actually made a lot of sense to me. I followed a lot of the links and saw exactly what this technology does and how it works. Basically, Comega simply allows developers to easily define their data and processing techniques using compilable symbols and keywords.

It looks as though Comega is simply a means of tying the various query technologies of both stored procedures and xslt files into a single technology. Both of these technologies allow developers to iterate through sets of 'records'. Both technologies allow developers to define datatypes. Both technologies also allow developers to sort, group, add, remove, and update records too.

At first (when I began reading it), it seemed as though it was simply a means of allowing us to be lazy developers with all the yield, 'nullable' checks, streams, 'choice{}' keyword, and other new stuff. After reading on of course I saw why these checks are required for abstraction purposes and it all actually makes a lot of sense. I'm quickly finding that as programming languages mature and evolve, a lot of the old complexities are replaced with new complexities. :)

If you don't know what Comega is, I “dare” you to read Dare's article. :)

Print | posted on Friday, January 21, 2005 1:48 PM