Physics Illustrator

I was reading Issam's blog which was nothing more than a reference to Scott Hanselman's blog containing a huuuuuuuge list of 'must have' tablet tools. I absolutely fell in love with the Physics Illustrator tool. I have been using it all weekend and driving my wife crazy. I created some pretty cool animation files using nothing more than my tablet pen and common sense. If you have not downloaded it yet, I highly recommend it (even if you don't have a tablet).

Anyway, today I was doing my daily blog role and saw that Microsoft Research Downloads actually posted the source code for it last week. This is something I plan to spend some time in at home and decypher various algorithms. I've always had an interest in physics and in computer math (as it relates to physics), so this was my personal 'Find of the Year' so far. :)

Print | posted on Monday, January 17, 2005 2:04 PM