My Monitor Froze

I had a very bad thing happen today. I came home and got on the computer (if that tells you how much I'm on the computer). It was turned off so I hit the power button to resume windows (like I always do). Jennifer had been logged into the computer earlier in the day and I have it set to hibernate after 2hrs of inactivity when she is logged in. It successfully booted back up and I began to close all of her apps (alt+f4, alt+tab, repeat [x] times, etc...). When everything was closed, I hit the floating window button to bring up the start bar. I saw the start bar popup, and then my monitor just went black. The monitor shut off and began illuminating an orange light where there should be a bright green light (power). It is almost as if the computer stopped recognizing the monitor or vice versa.

I took a couple of seconds to flip out, and then I started trouble shooting. I had just got new memory from mbx because I had a 'similar' problem with memory in the past where my computer just locked up (however that was not specific to the monitor). I have my box setup to go into hibernation mode when I press the power button and that still works. Even though I don't get any picture, I hit the power button and it enters hibernation mode shortly thereafter.

When I press the power button again to come out of hibernation mode, I get the regular dos prompts and it quickly climbs the 'resuming windows' dos-ladder. As soon as it gets to the end of the progress bar (or dos-ladder) it turns my green light back into an orange light and marinates again. I tried doing some keyboard magic to shut down the machine (without the monitor) [floaty window]- startbar then [u]- shutdown [tab] [enter] to click the ok button.

It was at that point that I used the tablet to remote into the machine wirelessly (ain’t technology great). To my amazement, I was able to login to the machine as myself and get around it with no problems. I then logged out (as Lucas on my dev box) and tried logging back in as Jennifer. It said that it couldn’t do that due to some restrictions. I then logged back in as myself and had to shut down the machine (using the Task Manager). I then waited until the computer shut down and blew some duster into the fans to remove the cobwebs and hit the power button.

I then went to my blog and wrote this. J Hope this helps somebody else out.


Print | posted on Monday, January 10, 2005 11:35 PM