Sad Day in Metal History

I just heard on the news that Dimebag Darrell was shot tonight at the Alrosa Vila. :( It was breaking news and that is all that I know right now. I did a google search on it, but didn't find anything yet. I'm sure it will be all over the news tomorrow. I'm anxious to see who else got shot.

The rumor is that some guy got up on stage and shot Dimebag Darrell 5 times. I heard it from a news anchor that was live on the scene. Jennifer and I felt like crying because we are old school Pantera fans. I listen to Pantera in my office everyday almost and I'm almost in shock right now. It sucks that it happened so close to home. I worshiped that band for years and for Dimebag to get shot in my home town sucks bad. I'll be sure to update my blog as I find out more...

UPDATE: Well, it is world wide news today and this article really says it all: 

RIP Dimebag!

Print | posted on Thursday, December 09, 2004 12:06 AM